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    "Dr. Yanovskiy knew exactly what was wrong but still sent me to X-ray to confirm his diagnosis. The treatment worked like a charm, I was back to the gym in no time."

    John W.
  • "After all examination and analysis, he treated the ulcer on the foot. Gradually everything was fine!"

    Ellen J.
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    "Unfortunately, I had bunions on my feet. A few months after the surgery, there were no signs of scars and the delicate surgery was successful."

    Chloe W.
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    "The preliminary diagnosis by Dr. Yanovskiy was plantar fasciitis. A set of procedures (foot correction, foot baths, gymnastics) helped to get rid of the pain."

    Zainab W.
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    "The bunionette, my great bothering of the previous year! How did I get rid of it? The brilliant Dr. Alex Yanovskiy helped me!"

    Julie H.
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    "I got surgery on my Achilles tendon. since it was ruptured as a result of the sports injury. Everything was done accurately and quickly. I quickly rehabilitated."

    Ethan G.
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    "After the laser procedure in the clinic, the toenail fungus was wrecked. My toenail looks smooth and shiny now."

    Franz B.
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