Don’t Let Foot Wounds Go Untreated

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We help patients that have diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, vasculitis, and more keep their toes and feet intact by taking a comprehensive approach to wound treatment. We are experts that treat ulcers, wounds, and diabetic infections.

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Remember, just because it doesn't hurt, doesn't mean it isn't serious.
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Ulcers on the foot may not always come with pain, but they are serious conditions that should be evaluated by Dr. Alex Yanovskiy. The symptoms of foot ulcers may include drainage, or red, inflamed tissue. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

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Specialized Wound Care For Diabetic Ulcers

You do not have to live with foot pain. Preventing a below the knee amputation is crucial to good health. By keeping a foot you will not need to wear prosthesis. In case of an emergency you can get out of bed and get moving. Studies have shown that having a below the knee amputation increased stress on the heart and decreases life expectancy in people with diabetes and vascular disease.

Simply put, by keeping your foot or leg you will live longer. Surgical intervention for diabetic ulcers and wounds can speed up the recovery time. Don’t delay - schedule your diabetic foot screening today.

Our Wound Care Treatments Often Heal Within A Few Weeks

Stop suffering from Diabetic Wounds and avoid amputation.

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