Would you please tell about your experience with Dr. Yanovskiy? - It has been a really good experience, I like the office. I came in with a bunion on my foot that was causing pain. He did the surgery, removed it, and it’s better. And I would recommend people to come and see the doctor.



Would you please provide us with your testimony about the facility of Dr. Yanovskiy? - Dr. Yanovskiy is a fantastic doctor. I wouldn’t call any other foot doctor. The facility is wonderful, the people are friendly, hopeful. And I definitely recommend them. I would recommend it for anybody.



Are you able to please provide us your testimony regarding Dr. Yanovskiy in the Clinic? - Yes. I’ve been known Dr. Yanovskiy for 9 years. And he has been a good doctor, great doctor, lifesaver to me. And his staff is wonderful– so polite and they make you feel right at home. When you come too busy or you have to wait for a long time, and it get to right in and it get you out– Call for Mike,they allowed and to have a special service. They call for the truck when I need it. And it is just great here. I recommend Dr. Yanovskiy and staff to everyone here because hey, those are my buddies!

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Dr. Yanovskiy is the best podiatrist I've ever met in my life! My three-year-old son had a Flat Feet. I had consultations in a few clinics, but none of the doctors prescribed the right treatment for us. I accidentally found Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic in Des Plaines. Dr. Yanovskiy put me right at ease with his professional yet easy-going nature. He gave us a great and thoughtful advice and prescribed an effective treatment. After wearing special orthopedic shoes, my son got rid of the problem.




After a bad experience with one clinic for a sprained ankle (don't wanna to mention its name), I decided that I was going to stay away from the "reputed" clinics when I was in search of a podiatrist. My visit to Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic was the right choice. The doctor carefully examined my ankle, made a preliminary diagnosis and sent me to an X-ray, then to an MRI. The diagnosis was confirmed. Then there was a long treatment. Now I can run and exercise again. Dr. Alex Yanovskiy, a super podiatrist, a polite and qualified staff of his clinic - not much to add, except to say you are highly professional and all well experienced in foot problems. Respect to you!

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Edward Wilson


I rarely write reviews but I decided to do one up for Dr. Alex Yanovskiy because it's not easy at all finding a solid physician who is reliable, relatable, attentive, and honest. Trust me I know after going through 5 of them prior Dr. Alex. Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic staff is pretty helpful and professional and it definitely made a difference with my surgery on the heel (calcaneus bone) and recovery process. Be sure, he is extremely knowledgeable. He goes above and beyond for his patients and I truly appreciated that. If you want quality care with up-to-date knowledge and service, Dr. Yanovskiy is your doctor!

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Several months ago I was able to get in to visit Dr. Alex Yanovskiy right away at Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic because I hurt my knee playing basketball and needed a professional help of the doctor. First of all, I wanna say "Thanks" to this clinic' staff that was super attentive, professional and caring. Dr. Yanovskiy examined my knee, explained my injury and went over what needed to be done - X-ray, MRT, etc. As it turned out, I needed an emergency surgery. All the process was fast and smooth. Now, I'm 5 weeks out the surgery, and I see a progress. I feel great about my rehab at the clinic since my doctor is always near me every step of the way of the recovery. He really cares about his patients, it's true. I would highly recommend Dr. Alex Yanovskiy to all of my family and friends if they have similar problems!

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Julie H.


The great bothering of the previous year! How did I get rid of it? The brilliant Dr. Alex Yanovskiy helped me! The disease was being detected in advanced form. He strongly recommended only a surgery to remove the protrusion and alignment of the bump. I heard that a surgery didn't guarantee complete disposal of the problem. Maybe I've decided to take a chance, but it was a risk I was willing to take. The outcome was good, what a relief!

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Megan Turner


Once I examined my feet and saw red streaks and small cracks. I have diabetes, therefore, I assumed that this is a diabetic foot, the most common complication. I booked an appointment at Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic. Dr. Alex Yanovskiy is a wonderful person. He listened to all my concerns & complaints, carefully examined my feet, prescribed tests that I had to undergo and a temporary treatment while the examination was underway. We met with him after 2 weeks and he made some changes to the treatment plan. I am very pleased with the results. Very polite and advanced doctors work here.

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I've got a problem of a transverse flat foot for several years. As a result, the hammer toes were caused by this pathology on my both feet. There was the early stage of the disease, and Dr. Alex Yanovskiy recommended correcting toes deformity by the conservative methods of special orthopedic insoles or comfortable shoes wearing. I also was prescribed therapy gymnastics and massage at his clinic, and It really helped me.

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Ethan Green


Thank you, Dr. Yanovskiy, for prompt and timely help! He made surgery of the Achilles tendon since it was ruptured as a result of the sports injury. Everything was done accurately and quickly. Within 3 hours I was examined and then underwent surgery. Then the doctor showed the X-ray images of the surgery so that I could make sure that everything was done correctly. The tendon was sewed, a plaster bandage was applied. I was discharged the same day. For awhile, I had a course of physiotherapeutic sessions in the clinic. I quickly rehabilitated, and at the moment nothing disturbs me. Many thanks to Dr. Alex!

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Michael Smith


My feet always were hurting when I walked a lot. I googled a podiatrist close to me and found Dr. Yanovskiy, he diagnosed me with transverse and longitudinal flat feet and recommended wearing orthopedic insoles all the time, even with athletic shoes. I also had some physical therapy sessions at his clinic. It helped, my feet are much better now.

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A year ago I twisted my ankle during a parachute landing fall. I was treated in the emergency room. They said that I stretched the ligaments and nothing is terrible. But after the injury my leg was constantly like a jelly, I could not train properly. As a result, I had an MRI to rule out an ankle fracture but an ankle sprain was diagnosed after all. So, I've found this website on the Internet following up an e-mail to Dr. Yanovskiy. He explained everything about my problem and I decided on surgery. I don't live in Des Plaines but the doctor was able to plan and organize the surgery well. I arrived, underwent surgery, and the clinic discharged me the day after admitting. Now it's been three months already, I'm doing an episode of rehab. The leg obeys me, I gradually train it hard. Dr. Alex Yanovskiy is a super expert!

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Ellen Jordan


My grandmother has been suffering from Diabetes mellitus for a long time but recently her feet began swelling and blushing. We did not know what to do. We were scared in the usual dispensary because the surgeon was going to amputate the leg. Thank goodness we referred her to a doctor at Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic who specializes in diabetic foot care. After all examination and analysis, he treated the ulcer on the foot, applied a special bandage, and prescribed some antibiotics giving lots of multiple options for the treatment. Gradually everything was fine! My grandmother could walk without worrying. Many thanks to you, Dr. Alex!

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I often visit the pool, so I've got the fungus apparently there. After the laser procedure in the clinic, the toenail fungus was wrecked. My toenail looks smooth and shiny now. My little problem's gone away. The result is awesome, but I don't forget about the shoe disinfection! Thank you, Dr. Alex and the entire medical staff that I can wear sandals and walk barefoot, show my toenails without hesitating! I will recommend the clinic as well as Dr. Alex Yanovskiy anyone having the same problem. Thanks again!

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Chloe W.


Unfortunately, I had bunions on my feet. I didn't care about them at first, but 2 years ago they wigged out. Within half a year I tried everything possible to get rid of them but in vain. It was scary, but still, I decided to go get bunion surgery. I enlisted the expertise to Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic. They examined my feet, took X-rays, confirmed my deformity, and diagnosed - Hallux Valgus deformity of the big toe. After some time, I've got surgery. Two days after the surgery, barely noticeable stitches remained on my feet, and a few months later, there were no signs of scars at all. In general, the delicate surgery was successful. I didn't regret having it done. My feet are just fine! I strongly recommend this clinic!!!

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Ryan Hardy


I came to this clinic with a stress fracture of the foot. Too much running, I guess. I found this foot clinic in Des Plaines. I didn't have an insurance at a time, so cheap prices worked out for me quite well. Thanks, Dr. Alex and his team for getting me back to my running track.

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I started feeling heel pain about a year ago, with Google's help I diagnosed myself with plantar fasciitis. I used some treatments found on the Internet, lotions, ointments, and compresses, anything I could to get rid of pain, but no results. Pain in the mornings soon became worse. I found this clinic on Google and made an appointment with Dr. Yanovskiy. He made an X-ray and prescribed the treatment. He also recommended therapeutic gymnastics and told me what shoes to wear. After 10 days, the pain was gone. I still wear these shoes though.

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Zainab Wali


A month ago, I suffered terrible pain in my heel. It was impossible to even walk: I had to walk on socks. I postponed a visit to the doctor since I thought the reason was my shoe, but I was able to endure the pain for just 3 days. I got a pain that won't quit. When I step on the heel, I had a feeling that the nail was being slaughtered in it. This feeling was strongest in the mornings, and a little weakened at night. Suffering for a while, I decided to contact Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic. The preliminary diagnosis by Dr. Yanovskiy was plantar fasciitis. It was confirmed by X-ray. It was very small, but even I could see it. As Dr. Yanovskiy said later, it had just started to form. He said that recovery occurs in 90% of cases at the initial stage of the disease with the right treatment. I was prescribed special orthopedic adaptations. Using them, I felt the pain in my heel become weaker. I also did hygienic foot baths as well as gymnastics developed by Dr. Yanovskiy. A set of procedures (foot correction + foot baths + gymnastics) helped to get rid of virtually all the pain within one month. I still didn't run a scan and I don't know if the plantar fasciitis disappeared or not, but I don't feel any pain when walking. I didn't take any medication at that time. I'd like to suggest those who experience such pains not despair, but try to cure the disease by contacting Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic. The methods of treatment are fairly simple and helpful.




I express my gratitude to Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic for their high professionalism, and polite and kind attitudes. I'd like to say a special, sincere thank you to Dr. Yanovskiy, a perfect physician, and a wonderful man. I have been looking for a good podiatrist for a long time. Alex saved me from an unpleasant problem with a big toenail, which trauma had caused to become detached. Dr. Yanovskiy corrected it, cured it, and relieved me of pain and trouble. The right diagnosis was assigned, smears and bacterial cultures were taken right in the clinic, and adequate treatment has been prescribed. I am pleased with the attentive attitude of the clinic staff, who are all friendly and attentive persons. What can I say? Frankly speaking, I often find pedicurists working under the guise of podiatric physicians in other clinics, and in my particular case, I needed a professional who knows how to deal with my problem. I found him at the Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic. Incidentally, he does incredible things for your feet!

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Dan Moskalenko


No one in my family had a diagnosis of "diabetes mellitus". However, I got it by the age of 41. I went in for a routine physical checkup and my blood sugar level was determined to be above 10. I bought a glucose meter, started measuring sugar every day. I've since consulted with the Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic. In addition, I have adhered to the medical therapy prescribed to me by Dr. Alexander Yanovskiy. After 7 months, I underwent a second examination, and it turned out that glycated hemoglobin was 7.1%, my blood pressure was normal, and cholesterol also decreased. But some complications appeared: they found a diabetic foot. Most recently, I didn't rip off the band-aid from the callus in time. Inflammation was formed in that place that didn't cease for a long time. The skin around it became red and swollen. I had to consult with Dr. Yanovskiy once again. He examined me and diagnosed me with diffuse polyneuropathy. My wounds began to heal worse because of the high blood sugar level. It's great I turned around in time. There are many more terrible complications I was told, right up to the amputation of the foot. Complex treatment is now underway, otherwise, I'd have to amputate my leg. Thank you so much, Dr. Alexander Yanovsky! He is a very attentive and experienced physician.


Niko L.


My son needed a foot care so we visited Dr. Yanovskiy in Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic. He is great with the kids - very nice and friendly. My son didn't like doctors but made an exception for this one. I highly recommend Dr. Alex - he understands what the child needs and treats them properly.




I had a chronic pain in my leg. I couldn't understand the reason and decided to visit a doctor. In Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic I was examined and Dr Yanovskiy said I had a stress fracture. He recommended me the treatment and it worked!




I suffered because of fungus for years. I was embarrassed (and lazy) to see a doctor at first. But then a friend of mine practically forced me to visit Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic. I met Dr. Alex Yanovskiy there. Thanks to him, I don't worry about fungus anymore. Great job indeed, thank you, doctor!




I had a trauma because of the sports activity. It was very painful and Dr. Yanovskiy came to rescue me. The pain was gone in a matter of a couple of days. I recovered so quickly and was so happy to be in the sports again!

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Herbert S.


I have diabetes so I needed a proper treatment to avoid problems in the future. Dr. Yanovskiy from Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic examined me and prescribed the treatment. This doctor is a great specialist in diabetic foot care, and his staff is wonderful people. I recommend this clinic to everyone who needs diabetic foot treatment.

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Mia Campbell


I like high heels, I look so tall and beautiful wearing them, but it became painful and I had to quickly find a doctor. My friend recommended me Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic and Dr Yanovskiy was a great help! I was afraid when doctor said that surgery would be the best solution, but the staff assured me everything would be great and I agreed. Alex Yanovskiy is a great specialist. He actually makes you understand the problem and offers a few solutions. He was late once but it was OK. Most important is the fact that there is no more pain.

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Unnamed Reviewer


Dr. Yanovskiy is great with kids! We had our first sport-related foot injury. My 10-year-old daughter had an ankle sprain. Dr. Yanovskiy was kind, knowledgeable and patient. Highly recommended!




I've been to three different foot doctors and Dr. Yanovskiy is the friendliest, most patient, and easy to work with of them all. Dr. Yanovskiy perfect choice for me!




I injured my leg while going down on stairs. It was so painful. I found this clinic through Internet. Dr Yanovskiy turned out to be a highly experienced doctor, he quickly examined me and scheduled the treatment. I recovered in no time. Thank you, doctor and his team, you deserve all five stars from me.




I suffered from a very painful toe bunion so I went to Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic. Dr. Yanovskiy examined me and recommended the surgery. I was afraid, yes, but the staff helped me with everything. I agreed to surgery. Now I don't have the bunion and feel much better. I can walk for hours and everything is great. I recommend Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic, they are the best.

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Martin M.


Very nice Doctor. I had this procedure performed in the past by a different doctor and this time around I felt that I received better care.


Sherlyn S.


Dr Yanovskiy is excellent! I was in and out in less than an hour. I would highly recommend Dr. Yanovskiy!


Edward L.


He should change his name to Doc Rocks, because he does!!




Dr. Yanovskiy is excellent! He is very very nice and listens well to what is exactly is wrong. I would highly recommend him!




The office staff took care of everything with my insurance and was very helpful throughout the process. I was able to schedule the surgery the following week.




Dr. Alexander is extremely professional with an excellent sense of humor. I've seen him several times and each time he's done the job right!




He is really a knowledgeable and supportive doctor. He patiently explained everything and gave multiple options for the treatment.


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